Brake Maintenance: Three Warning Signs

Most would agree to the fact that the brake system is one of the most important features of your vehicle-but the concern is whether you understand how to carry out a maintenance check on your brakes. As much as this is not one of those features that you’re always thinking about, it’s crucial that your brakes be in top working condition at all times. There are several signs or indicators that your brakes need servicing or repair. Here are top three warning signs that your brake system needs repair.

Vibrations and Brake Noises when Braking

The two ways to tell if your brakes have a problem are listening and looking. You don’t need professional help to hear noises from your braking system. If you hear grinding, squealing, or squeaking sounds when braking, it’s time to have your vehicle inspected by an auto mechanic. These noises from your vehicle could indicate anything from damaged rotors, worn brake pads to loss of brake fluid.

In most cases, when you hear a grinding sound every time you step on the brake pedals, it would mean low lubrication in the drum brakes. At times you may feel some vibrations whenever you apply pressure to the pedal an indication of brake problems. Other signs to watch out for include uneven braking and a pulsing sensation. It’s recommended to have your brake system checked every six months for degradation or any signs of damage. Be proactive and ensure your brakes are always in good condition.

Fluid Leak out

Another warning sign for brake problems is fluid leak out. The moment you notice that your brakes are becoming softer than usual, have an auto mechanic inspect your vehicle for any fluid leaks from the brake system. You might just lose your brakes if you don’t take action immediately.

Brake Warning Lights

Modern vehicles are equipped with on-board diagnostic systems which are designed to give an alert or warning when there’s a problem with the braking system. When the warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard lights up and doesn’t go away, it’s likely your braking system has a problem. Once the warning light comes on, be sure to read through your owner’s manual and see what could be the problem. You can then contact your auto mechanic and inform him about the warning light and the problem.

It’s very important to maintain and service your brakes on a regular basis. Don’t wait for these warning signs before taking your vehicle for maintenance. Brakes are crucial for your safety. If you’ve been overlooking your vehicle’s braking system, it’s time do things right. Maintaining your brakes will not only keep you safe and help you avoid a collision but also prevent costly repairs in the long run.